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AEG Mastery DCK73110 not available

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Awarded an impressive A energy rating, you can reply on the DCE731110M Built-In Double Oven from AEG to help you maintain a green home while bringing versatility to home cooking.

Unlike standard ovens, AEG's SurroundCook feature uses precisely controlled heat and advanced fan technology to make sure every part of the food is heated evenly and consistently, no matter where it's placed, so there's no need to turn or stir your dish.

The main multifunctional oven combines the benefits of hot air cooking with conventional cooking to deliver optimum results, while the secondary oven contains an electric grill that's perfect for toasting and browning.

As for its design, the DCE731110M boasts a sleek stainless steel finish and intuitive touch controls that provide instant feedback and are easy to use.